Real estate in Aachen: An attractive market with diverse options

Moderne farbenfrohe Wohnung

Hardly any other major German city can call such a variety of architecture its own as Aachen. The offer ranges from historic buildings to exclusive new buildings with luxury flair. As a long-standing real estate agent for Aachen, we are pleased to offer you a broad portfolio of houses, flats, commercial properties and land in the city and region, both for sale and for rent.

The entire region is enjoying growing popularity and attracting more and more people and businesses. In a dreamlike location, the city offers interesting residential and commercial properties, which we specialise in brokering.

For more than 20 years, John Doe Real Estate has stood for seriously managed real estate transactions in which owners, interested parties and tenants successfully come together.


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Hiša v Aachen
Sobe 15
Bivalna površina 420 m²
Stanovanje v Friedrichshafen
Sobe 3
Bivalna površina 110 m²
Najemnina brez ogrevanja 430 €
Hiša v Le Cannet-des-Maures
Sobe 8
Bivalna površina 200 m²
Nakupna cena 1.200.000 €
Hiša v Potsdam
Sobe 5
Bivalna površina 180 m²
Nakupna cena 128.000 €
Najemnina brez ogrevanja 499 €
Hiša v Aachen
Sobe 5
Bivalna površina 180 m²
Nakupna cena 330.000 €
Stanovanje v Möhrendorf
Sobe 3
Bivalna površina 110 m²
Najemnina brez ogrevanja 430 €
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Houses for rent and for sale: Historical, modern or in the countryside

Moderne Küche

Do you have a soft spot for buildings steeped in history with classicist façades that have been completely renovated to guarantee modern living comfort? Discover these increasingly rare treasures in our offers for Aachen's city centre. Do you prefer spacious flats in the middle of a hilly landscape, which at the same time has a good supply infrastructure for your daily needs? You are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection for the various Aachen city districts. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a house, let our portfolio inspire you: We have selected attractive terraced houses and bungalows, detached houses and apartment buildings or semi-detached houses for you. If you still can't find what you're looking for, simply send us a search request.

Standard property presentation

Flats: Our offer for your individual wishes

Whether for immediate owner-occupation for rent or as a property to buy or as a capital investment and/or retirement provision: the housing market in Aachen is not yet as empty as in many other major German cities. Thanks to our local presence, we have access to selected properties that would never appear on the normal market. These include, for example, excellent flats in Kornelimünster or Walheim.

Particularly attractive as a capital investment and/or retirement provision - but of course also for immediate use - are flats being built in Aachen's new development areas. They guarantee the most modern equipment, are energetically top and barrier-free.

Protected object presentation

Plots of land and commercial properties: Your foundation for a secure future

Modernes Fabrikgebäude

The economic forecasts for the Aachen region could hardly be better. The future-oriented positioning as a research location with associated practice competence centres will provide the city with increasing purchasing power and demand in the coming years. If you would like to open an office, a surgery, a shop or a restaurant in Aachen, we will put your plans on a solid foundation by finding you a suitable property.

Our offers cover a wide range of sizes, layouts and locations. Contact us if your desired property is not included - we will find a solution. The geographical location is fuelling the rapid development of the Aachen region as a top logistics location.

If you would like to secure a preferred location in this sought-after hot spot, you will also find warehouses and logistics properties of various sizes in our portfolio - in energetically perfect condition.

Your real estate agent for Aachen: We like our city and our work

Of course we can also help you if you want to roll up your sleeves as a builder. We can arrange plots of land for your private dream property as well as for your own commercial property. You can rely without reservation on our professional competence and the knowledge of the peculiarities of the local market that we have acquired over many years of work.


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