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Despite the good real estate economy in Aachen and the region, selling a property requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. Surely you want to achieve a good price for your property and place it in good hands.

As a long-standing real estate agent for Aachen, we at John Doe Real Estate are very familiar with the local property market and guarantee an effective sales process.

If you are asking us - or yourself - why you should hire John Doe Real Estate in the first place, we have three clear answers for you.

With an experienced estate agent you avoid financial losses

The success of the sale of a property stands and falls with the right asking price. If you set it too high, there will be no response. If you set it too low, you will give away money. If you try to correct it afterwards, potential buyers will become even more suspicious. We at John Doe Real Estate will determine a fair market selling price for you on the basis of a well-founded property valuation, which will appeal to the clientele of buyers you are looking for.

Rely on an expert in your own interest

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When selling a property, the legislator also has a say. There are many legal regulations that you must observe in order to protect yourself from later claims for damages.

Even the exposé of your property must contain certain mandatory information. A missing energy certificate can be punished as an administrative offence, and the final purchase contract can hold a number of legal pitfalls.

In your own interest, trust the competence and expertise of an experienced real estate agent when selling your property.

We save you a lot of time

Potential buyers for your property have a lot of detailed questions - often directly after reading your advertisement. You must always be available by telephone and/or e-mail and be able to provide precise information, even in the evening and/or outside normal business hours. Viewing appointments usually take place on Saturdays or Sundays - so your weekends are also occupied. We take all this time-consuming, but nevertheless important, work off your hands.

How to reliably sell your property in Aachen with us

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From the compilation of all necessary sales documents to the handover of the keys to your desired buyer: John Doe Real Estate is at your side as a trustworthy partner throughout the entire sales process. We take care of target group-oriented marketing for you, realise a virtual viewing of your property at your request and undertake a selection of potential buyers according to your specifications. It is possible that we will quickly find a potential buyer in our broad customer database who is a perfect match for your property.

Of course, we will organise and conduct viewings for you and check serious candidates for sufficient creditworthiness.

Transparency is a prerequisite for a trusting cooperation

For us, professional expertise goes hand in hand with transparency and mutual trust. That is why we see our service as a partnership offer to you as a property owner - aimed at finding a buyer with integrity and solvency for your property. We look forward to working with you.

Why should I hire a real estate agent to sell a property?

Selling real estate involves more than just taking photos, advertising on one of the big portals and snapping up the right offer. There are many pitfalls. When pricing, sellers tend to put too high a value on your home and get stuck with it. It becomes even more problematic if they advertise too cheaply and risk financial loss. A real estate agent evaluates the property at the beginning and ensures a quick sale at a realistic price. Most of the time, people looking for real estate only get an overview on large portals, but in the end they contact an estate agent. In him they find a serious and reliable contact person. By taking on all the tasks involved, the estate agent not only saves owners time, but also provides legal protection.

Why do you need a professional exposé when selling a property?

The real estate market is highly competitive these days. Anyone who cannot present high-quality photos or a target group-oriented description text has a competitive disadvantage. Among the numerous real estate offers with professional exposés, you don't stand out and look dubious. In the end, you are stuck with the property for a long time and have to accept financial losses. It is therefore worth hiring an estate agent. They have the necessary experience, put the property in the perfect light and find solvent and willing buyers.

Can the property also be sold discreetly and what advantages does that offer?

Instead of placing a public advertisement, real estate agents can discreetly broker properties on request. In doing so, you benefit from your large customer base. Only suitable candidates who have expressed a concrete interest in buying will receive information and photos.

This type of mediation offers several advantages:

Protection of privacy: The environment does not find out about the pending sale. No unwanted people click through the photos of your home.

Stable market value: A property that is offered publicly for a longer period of time looks like a slow seller. Discreet brokerage prevents this effect and the associated loss of value.

High quality of enquiries: A publicly offered property arouses a lot of interest, but usually only superficial interest. If a property is only offered to candidates who are willing to buy, the bounce rate drops.

When is the best time to sell real estate?

Often you need to be lucky to find the right buyer at the right moment. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the time to sell:

Early planning: Factors such as age or family planning come into play early and brokers and documentation should be taken care of promptly.

Low interest rates: In times of low borrowing rates, prospective buyers are more generous and take advantage of the opportunity for large investments.

The right time of year: Property seekers prefer to move during the warm months. Many owners therefore only publish their offers in the summer. Nevertheless, there is less competition in winter and good business is possible.

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