Caution is advised when selling real estate on your own initiative, because behind the seemingly simple sales process there are a number of pitfalls and many work steps. If you want to sell your house yourself, you should plan enough time and inform yourself comprehensively in advance. In order to make your project a success despite so many hurdles, we give you valuable tips and basic rules that you should follow.

Early and correct preparation: A property sale requires a lot of lead time and organization. First of all, it is important that all relevant documents such as floor plan, extract from the land register or energy certificate are available. Sooner or later you will need these and if something is missing, reapplying for them again will cost you valuable time. You should also have your property assessed in advance. Many owners make the mistake of demanding unrealistic sums for your house or apartment. In this way you scare customers, risk financial losses and minimize the chances of a successful sale right from the start.

Create a high quality exposé: Do not save at the wrong end. The real estate market is still highly competitive. Therefore, make sure to take high-quality photos and provide an attractive and informative descriptive text. If pictures and text are unprofessional, your real estate ad will quickly appear dubious and will be lost among the many competing offers.

Reach and accessibility: There are numerous popular real estate portals where potential buyers can find you. Therefore, don't rely on just one and publish your exposé with several providers at the same time to generate more reach. Local marketing is even more efficient. Invest your money in a newspaper ad, use word-of-mouth propaganda or distribute flyers in local supermarkets. It's worth it. Always make sure that you are easily reachable and provide not only your landline number, but also your mobile phone number and e-mail address. Nothing is more annoying than missing the crucial call.

Legal support: Even if you have completed the entire marketing process on your own without any problems and have been able to find a suitable buyer, you should seek additional professional support now at the latest. Although every contract of sale of real estate in Germany must be notarized anyway, this does not guarantee that all agreements with the buyer are recorded. The drafting of the sales contract involves a lot of money and responsibility. Therefore, you should hire a professional to draw up a legally binding contract for you, in which all agreements and sales details are recorded.

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