Many people have the dream of their own house. But how do I actually finance it? Hardly anyone has the liquidity to buy a house without financing procedures. Here, you can find out how you can get a loan, what options you have and what tips you should follow.

The money for the house purchase can be generated from three different sources. From the equity capital, from the outside capital of a construction financing and lastly from the outside capital of a state subsidy.


Just as with most large investments, the first step in buying a house should be a cash fall. Find out how much money you actually have at your disposal, how much you spend and the sum you can do without. In this way you can determine what contribution you can pay out of your own pocket. The higher your equity capital, the more money you save when paying off the loan through lower interest rates. Nevertheless, calculate generously and leave some room for unforeseen expenses and changes in your financial situation so that you do not run into payment problems afterwards.

Construction financing

Once you have gained an overview of your financial situation, the next step is to contact a financial backer. Depending on the amount of your equity capital, the term and the respective conditions, banks offer you different monthly installments which you have to pay in return for a loan. Therefore, take your time and get offers from several providers. Only if you are in a position to bear the monthly costs including interest without any problems in the long run, you should sign.


Many find additional financial assistance from the Credit Institute for Reconstruction. The KfW is a state institution with the aim of supporting the acquisition of owner-occupied homes. Here there are various support programs with which you can obtain state subsidies or favorable conditions. If, for example, you want to build energy-efficiently or renovate an existing property to make it suitable for the elderly, attractive financial assistance is available. If you are eligible for one or more programs, you can apply for one. This is usually done through the bank where you have signed for the construction financing.

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